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The Haunt

Cryptid Trails is ALL NEW ATTRACTION in Maury County, and we have set the scare bar sky high!

Cryptid Trails is now one of the most interactive haunted attraction experiences PERIOD! All custom special effects, sets that interact with you, realistic animatronics, scares at every turn! Now, experience the terror for yourself.  Get your tickets now!

The Legend

No one knows the real story no more. See, there is a place in the woods that is no longer talked about. But not because we’re afraid. No, because it’s a place that we were supposed to have forgotten about. This is a story I hope you have never had the unpleasantness of hearing. Though, it’s said to have started with a feud if you’ll believe, between them natives and them witches. The story goes that them three witches from elsewhere were planning something for the tribe. Something bigger than us. They stalked them natives hunting grounds. And with black magic, they musta cast a spell over their land. Every animal eroded to the bone and the plants all quickly rotted away. Days of starvation turned into weeks. And with each passing moon, their famished tribe divulged into a sort of madness. That’s when it happened, The three witch sisters last act was upon them. And they called upon an ancient evil to enact their final machination… The smell of something cooking. The sweet aroma of meat.

In the faint flicker of the blue full moon. Their chieftain lay stuck before a fire in the center of camp. With wild sunken eyes. His mile long stair pierced into his own brawny meats sizzling in the crackling flames. The tribe quickly gathered to witness this sacrifice. And soon the tribe began to incessantly claw for any scrap of flesh they could grasp. Each tribes folk taking part in the feast the chief had provided for them. The natives felt their collective hunger ease for one moment of splendor…

Because its said that after this meal a violent change befell the natives tribe. And their hunger collapsed into them a primordial goal, to consume.
Soon in the pale moon light, each tribes folk began ripping off flesh from each other. Tearing into their own to fill their gaping maws. No matter how much they would swallow their hunger wouldn’t subside. Those three witch sisters from elsewhere watched with glee upon the hill as their curse took hold. And with splendor, they did wait for their one true god to appear in the carnage below. And the rest is history. Now see, when I moved onto this land with my brother I figured that story was just a legend. But even legends are born from some truths. And now that y’all know the story. Y’all must know them truths. Them witches are real. Their God is here. You have heard it now haven’t you? You hear it…deep in the woods that old God beckons you…so why don’t you answer it? “we have done our part and now it’s time to do yours”

Going out with a group of your closest friends, stop at the Cryptid Trails, your way to get the party started right… if you survive! Group Ticket Sales are offered special pricing for groups of 10 or more.


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Cryptid Trails the Haunted Experience

2000 Donra Way Columbia, TN 38401

(931) 922-2616


Friday7PM - 12AM
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